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Lenovo announces a joined-up security offering and shows off a ThinkPad with an i9 chip

NEW YORK: LENOVO has kicked off its annual Transform conference with a slew of announcements that go beyond the desktop.

Thinkshield is the company’s new security system, designed to keep its products safe – not just through the BIOS and firmware, but with fingerprint readers and camera shutters to ensure no one can get their grubby little mitts on anything they’re not supposed to.

There’s also the FIDO protocol – best known to INQ readers for its use in security keys from Google and Yubico. Lenovo is joining this fray with its own USB keys for 2FA.

The process even goes through to the supply and manufacture chain which is locked down, as part of the Intel Transparent Supply Chain. It’s the equivalent of having the name of the farm of original marked on your Tesco Value Chicken Thighs.

There’s new WiFi security that will warn you if you’re about to connect to a suspect hotspot, and Bufferzone, new software that will stop that idiot who downloaded infected files from infecting every other device.

And how’s this for an idea – drives that, once they’re reaching the end of their life, will automatically delete any sensitive data so it doesn’t get stuck on a duff drive. Then, if you are feeling all green and lovely, you can send the broken drive back to be remanufactured.

Finally, Lenovo BIOS settings can now be granularly set for USB types to be limited to keyboards and mice, so there’s no risk of any dodgy flash drives borking your system.

On the hardware side, we got a chance to see to see the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme, the company’s first prosumer laptop with Nvidia discrete graphics and an Intel Core i9 processor onboard.

Pricing is under wraps until its ready for shipping, which is expected to be in December. 

We’re off to try and get our hands on the Thinkpad and have a chat with some bigwigs. We’ll let you know how we get on. μ

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