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Lenovo leak teases incoming 9th-gen Intel Core laptop processors

The next-gen Lenovo IdeaPad S530 could come rocking ninth-gen Intel Core processors

INTEL NINTH-GEN Core processors could be coming to a new wave of laptops very soon, according to the refreshed specs of the Lenovo Ideapad S530.

While Intel has revealed desktop variants of its ninth-generation Core CPUs, which are effectively a refresh of its Coffee Lake S architecture found in eighth-gen processors, it has yet to reveal details of laptop variants.

That’s probably because the eight-gen processors are still popping in new laptops, the Surface Laptop 2, for example.

But thanks to a data sheet showing the processor configurations the Lenovo Ideapad S530 will come with, spotted by WCCFTech, we know there’ll be ninth-gen variants of the current line-up of laptop-grade Core chips.

They will include the Core i7-9550U, Core i5-9250U, and the Core i3-9130U, and these are expected to be more efficient and frugal with power consumption than the eighth-gen chips; the Core i7 variant is expected to suck up some 10-15W.

But Lenovo didn’t reveal anything concrete in terms of thermal design power, clock speeds or other chip specs.

Both interestingly and confusingly, Lenovo lists the ninth iteration of the mobile Core processors as eighth-gen, despite Intel labelling the desktop equivalents as ninth-gen. Either this was an error, a formatting quirk, or the means to show that chips like the Core i7-9550U still use the same underlying 14nm++ process node as the previous generation chips, rather than sport a brand-new architecture.

A new architecture is expected from Intel once it gets its 10nm process ready for chip production at scale. But that’s been a long time coming and we’re not sure when we can expect to see such slices of silicon.

So the new laptop-class Core chips don’t look like something to tickle the fancy of people with laptops rocking eighth-gen Core processors. But for folks in the market for a new laptop as an upgrade from an ageing machine, then the ninth-gen-not-ninth-gen processors are the ones to look out for. µ

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