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Lenovo’s refreshed ThinkPad X1 laptops squeeze in Alexa and HDR displays

LENOVO IS CRAMMING a whole load of tech into its refreshed line-up of ThinkPad X1 flagship laptops, including Amazon’s Alexa and HDR displays.

Having got caught with slotting bloatware into its laptops, we raise an eyebrow when we hear about the computer maker adding stuff into its machines, but this time everything looks legit and decent.

Under the hood, the laptop line-up, which includes a tablet version and a new Yoga 2-in-1 device, gets access to Intel’s latest eighth-generation Core i processors, up to 6GB of RAM and up to 1TB of SSD storage.

Cosmetic and keyboard tweaks have also been carried out and microSIM slot and e-SIM tech is available for people on the move to hook up to the internet.

But the most interesting parts of the ThinkPad X1 line up can be found in the Carbon and Yoga models which feature far-field microphones for picking up voice commands from as far as 13 feet away.

And for people who don’t fancy barking commands at Windows 10’s Cortana, then they can shout at the Amazon Alexa app due to land on Windows 10 in January and will be bundled into the premium Lenovo laptops.

When the machine is closed they should offer voice command and smart functionality similar to an Amazon Echo speaker, but without its audio chops.

Adding more appeal to the Carbon and Yoga ThinkPad X1s is the addition of a display that supports Dolby’s Vision HDR standard and promised to make the screen look more vibrant and dynamic with deeper blacks and colour range.

Somewhat ironically for a company caught loading spyware-riddled bloatware on its laptops, the ThinkPad X1 line-up has an integrated plastic tab for covering up the webcam in order to prevent hackers from hacking it and spying on users.

Due to launch later in January, the ThinkPad X1 laptop line up will start at $1,709 for the Carbon edition, $1,599 for the Tablet model, and $1,889 for the Yoga version.

Clearly, Lenovo is chasing the premium business and ‘prosumer’ users with the new ThinkPads and if they deliver in a review situation then Lenovo could be onto a winner. µ

Source : Inquirer

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