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LG could be cooking up a smartphone with 16 cameras

LG IS HOT FOR CAMERAS; we knew that from the five snappers it stuck into the V40 ThinQ, but the South Korean company could now be working on a smartphone with no less than 16 cameras.

At least that’s according to a patent recently filed by LG, spotted by LetsGoDigital, which shows a smartphone design with the very definition of overkill when it comes to phone cameras.

The cameras, from what we can glean from the patent, will be arranged in a 4×4 grid on the rear of the supposedly next-gen LG handset. With this suite of snappers, the phone will be able to effectively capture 3D images.

The patent indicates that the image can be fully manipulated and adjusted to serve up the desired pic a user wants, with disturbing edits also on offer such as twisting the noggin of a what appears to be a happy teddy bear into a position that makes it look forlorn. Hooray for technology.

The patent also appears to show some image recognition features, whereby a person can trace the face of someone they snapped a pic of and an artificial intelligence-powered system will work out who it is and serve up other pics the person is in.

Such a feature isn’t too surprising, given the likes of the Google Pixel 3, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and Apple iPhone Xs are making heavy use of AI image tech, so LG is bound to follow suit at some point.

One might scratch one’s bonce and question why you’d want so many cameras on a smartphone; if photography was so important then you’d get a DSLR and become au fait with PhotoShop.

But with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy A9 sporting four rear cameras, it looks like plonking more snappers on the rear of smartphones is becoming a bit of a trend and we expect to see tri and quad-camera arrays on the new smartphones that pop up in CES and MWC 2019. µ

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