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LG has thwacked five cameras onto its V40 ThinQ flagship

THROWING EVERYTHING AT PHONES is kinda LG’s whole game, as seen with its V40 ThinQ, which packs in a suite of five cameras.

There’s three on the rear and two around the front, because LG probably reckons a dual camera array is just too basic. There’re no specs for the cameras, as this has been a partial reveal as opposed to a full showcase.

What exactly the trio of snappers on the back will do has yet to be properly explained, but we reckon there’ll be some various swish photography stuff like bokeh-heavy portrait photos and perhaps some neat depth-sensing tech.

We also wouldn’t be surprised to see the cameras come with AI-based image processing to make dull snaps look like they were taken by folks with some skill. Such tech is becoming more prevalent in flagship smartphones; see the Huawei P20 Pro and the iPhone Xs and its A12 Bionic chip as examples.

Speaking of chips, LG didn’t mention the type of SoC that’ll be powering the handset, but we’d place a good bet that it’ll be something from Qualcomm silicon line-up.

The only other specs LG revealed is the V40 ThinQ’s 6.4in display which sits within a slimmed down chassis, hence the ThinQ nomenclature.

With specs so thin on the ground, it’s hard to get excited about a new LG phone, but it looks like the V40 ThinQ could be semi-noteworthy if it does some interesting stuff with the cameras.

And it’ll need to do so, as the competition in the Android smartphone market is ever tougher thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Note 9 on the high end and the OnePlus 6 thrashing other Android phones in the £500 price range.

Then there’s the Pixel 3 on the horizon, which will likely be the most attention-grabbing phone the Autumn post-Apple’s incremental update iPhone willy-waving. µ

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