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LibreOffice hits version 6.1 with design tweaks and improved e-booking

THE DOCUMENT FOUNDATION has announced the launch of LibreOffice 6.1, the first major update to LibreOffice 6.

72 per cent of commits to this edition have come from companies which sit on the advisory board of the foundation, including Collabora, Red Hat and CIB with 28 per cent coming from individual coders who slave into the night for the greater good.

TDF adds: “In addition, there is a global community of individual volunteers taking care of other fundamental activities such as quality assurance, software localization, user interface design and user experience, editing of help system text and documentation, plus free software and open document standards advocacy at a local level.”

Amongst the changes are a new theme for the Windows edition called Colibre, based on Microsoft icon guidelines, to allow users to feel more like they’re using a Microsoft product. For some reason. Fortunately, Linux which is inextricably linked to LibreOffice doesn’t have this as default.

A new image handling manager and graphics manager make using graphics in your documents quicker and smoother, whilst a new Firebird database engine replaces the old HSQLDB. The new database requires Experimental Mode, but a migration assistant for converting to Firebird is included.

The online version has been juiced up to be more like the desktop edition, online help has been bolstered with text and example files, and a better EPUB formatter makes it easier to get all the formatting and metadata right, first time.

On the enterprise side, you’re recommended to keep to 6.0 with its long-term support, but for general use, its available now from the Libreoffice website, for Windows 7+ and macOS 10.9+. Of course, it’s free. The clue is in the name. And if you want to help, the whole thing is also on GitHub for your tinkering pleasure. μ

Source : Inquirer

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