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Linux 4.14 kernel brings first six-year support cycle

LINUX KERNEL 4.14 has been released with a number of key features, scheduled to represent the next Long Term Support (LTS) edition of the operating system – the first to have a six-year support cycle (previously, LTS has meant two years).

The big news is that memory limits have been increased to 128PiB of virtual address space and 4PiB of physical address space. The fact that this is even remotely necessary reflects how far we’ve come since the early days of Linux. This is seen as a very future proof limit, but that’s what they probably said with the original.

AMD Secure Memory Encryption support has been added to give extra protection against attack on secure DRAM, and the system as a whole.

A new “unwinder” or ORC (short for “Oops… Rewind Capability”) joins the existing one. It can be used to find the list of commands that have led to a crash, making it a lot easier to debug code.

Heterogeneous Memory Management has been added for GPUs. This will (in layman’s terms) increase the number of processes and types of workload that can be offloaded onto a GPU. Given that GPU technology is increasing at a rate much faster than CPUs, that means Linux can be more powerful for longer.

Support has been added for a bunch of new drivers, Bluetooth chips, storage controllers, new audio codecs, tv tuners, webcams and all the usual malarky. The list is spectacular this time and of course it also means that the commit window for kernel 4.15 is now open, but it could be delayed by Thanksgiving, Linus tells us.

There’s also lots of fixes for the recent crop of USB vulnerabilities that have turned up. 

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Source : Inquirer

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