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Longsys has started full production of Lexar flash storage

FLASH STORAGE maker Lexar is returning to the fray, less than two years after being discontinued by its then-parent Micron which bought the company back in 2006.

But a year after being snapped up by Chinese firm Longsys, the company announced that soon, its triumphant return would be complete.

“I’m extremely excited to re-introduce the Lexar brand to our worldwide customers.” said new boss Huabo Cai.

“Lexar is dynamic, has superior research and development capabilities, and has a deep understanding of our customer’s needs. At the same time, we are confident that we can expand the Lexar business successfully in different markets globally.”

Longsys describes itself as “a Chinese DMS company (Design, Module, Service) which focuses on NAND flash applications for software and hardware products.”

At the moment, the company doesn’t explicitly say what its Lexar plans look like. All we really know is that production has restarted. Whether this will be the same ranges as before, or whether it’s a totally new brand remains to be seen, but the company website is currently emblazoned with old models, suggesting at the very least, continuity.

There are two new companies for distributing the brand so far, for Asia and America. A European distributor is yet to be mentioned buy we’re taking it from the “worldwide” message that there will be.

We’d like to think that Lexar’s return will be in the spirit of its previous incarnation, which offered an alternative, with many of its form factors, such as its 128GB flash drive built into a USB-C cable being unique at the time.

Cai adds: “For more than twenty years of innovative development, Lexar has been a world-renowned brand in the field of flash memory and trusted by bringing unparalleled storage experience and creating unequivocal value for business users and consumers.”

Longsys has a new head office in Silicon Valley and another at its production base in Shezhen, China.

We’ll expect to hear more at in the coming months. μ

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