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macOS 10.14 Mojave offers a ‘sneak peek’ at iOS apps on Mac

APPLE HAS ANNOUNCED macOS 10.14 Mojave at WWDC, a security-focused update to its desktop OS. 

As expected, macOS 10.14 introduced a system-wide dark mode. While macOS already features an optional dark mode it currently only applies to the dock and menu bar rather than program interfaces, but Mojave will enable users to darken every part of the OS, including System Preferences, Messages, Mail, Photos, Apple Music and Xcode.

Mojave’s Dark Mode also includes a new Dynamic Desktop feature that automatically changes your desktop wallpaper to match the time of day. 

Another new feature is Desktop Stacks, which automatically arranges icons cluttered on your desktop into ‘Stacks’ by filetype, tag, date and so on, while Finder is getting a new ‘Gallery’ feature that’ll show you a large preview of a selected file. You can also quickly view metadata of any file in a tab on the right-hand side of the Finder window. 

Markup has been added to Quick Look too, so now when you highlight a file and press the space bar, you have the option to access to Apple’s editing tools. The tools you’ll be shown depends on the type of file you’re looking at, for example, you can quickly add signatures to documents or trim a video down in length. 

Security and privacy is another big focus of macOS 10.4, with Apple enhancing Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention to block social media ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ buttons and with comments widgets (gulp) from tracking users without permission. 

New data protections require apps to get user permission before using the Mac camera and microphone or accessing personal data like user Mail history and Messages database.

The Mac App Store is also getting a major overhaul, with a new-look UI, support for video and new ‘Create’, ‘Work’, ‘Play’ and ‘Develop’ tabs. Apple also announced that Microsoft will be bringing its Office 365 to the App Store later this year.

Group Facetime, which made its debut earlier in the keynote in iOS 12, will also be coming to macOS. 

Towards the end of the keynote speed, Apple’s Craig Federighi debunked speculation that the firm plans to merge macOS with iOS. 

However, he then went on to give a ‘sneak peek’ at Apple’s multi-year project to bring UIKit-made iOS apps to the Mac, with the firm’s own Home, News and Stocks apps to be among the first. The feature,  which will make it easy to port apps with minimal changes to code, will be made available to developers next year.  

Other new features in Mojave include Continuity, which lets you take photos and scans on your iPhone or iPad and drop them straight into documents on Mac, and a new screenshotting tool similar to that found on iOS.

macOS 10.4 Mojave is available now in developer preview, with Apple’s public beta set to launch at the end of the month. µ

Source : Inquirer

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