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Man sues Microsoft for $6bn over botched Windows 10 upgrade, mostly by mistake

We.. just can’t

A NEW MEXICO Windows user has rather ambitiously sued Microsoft for $600m for allegedly borking his computer with an upgrade to Windows 10.

Well, we say $600m because that’s what his legal team said. The paperwork actually refers to $6,000,000,000.00 – which is a cool six billion.

Frank Dickman, without a hint of melodrama, filed the claim not just against Microsoft, but against Satya Nadella personally, after his Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade left his computer unusable.

He spoke to Microsoft who referred him back to his OEM, in this case, Asus. This was deemed unsatisfactory, as Dickman believed Asus to be “untrustworthy” and that he would only accept a replacement direct from Microsoft.

Asked for a comment by The Register, Microsoft got a bit confused, as there are full instructions on how to roll back to Windows 7 and a 30-day window in which to do so. However, Dickman claims that his backup copy was wiped during the upgrade.

So with that, an impasse has been reached. Mr Dickman, who shows a clear understanding of how to use, countered only by a clear lack of understanding about how Windows gets licenced, has said that Microsoft has 30 days to ‘comply’.

He will pursue the matter in court unless he is given online access to a ‘quality’ copy of Windows 7 online so he can restore his computer (which will probably end up being a fresh install anyway) and that his original Asus licence key will work.

“The only sensible remedy is for Microsoft Corporation to supply the OEM version of its operating system by download from its website and confirmed by the key code which came with the computer,” he argued.

We do have to wonder, what lawyer took this case? Is it no-win no-fee? It’s a heck of a gamble because it relies on the presiding judge being even more stupid than the plaintiff and all of Microsoft’s lawyers.

In reality, Microsoft will probably give him a copy of Windows just to shut him up. Even when you’re a multi-billion dollar company, there are times where you have to let the baby have his bottle. µ

Source : Inquirer

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