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Meizu takes the courageous step to launch a button and port-free smartphone

IT LOOKS LIKEfoldables‘ might not be the next big smartphone trend after all, as Meizi has launched the first, er, hole-less handset.

Yep, that’s right. The Meizu Zero, as its name suggests, features no buttons or ports; there’s no volume or power buttons, nor a headphone jack, charging port or even a SIM slot, with Meizu instead adopting eSIM (embedded SIM) technology. 

There’s no speaker grille either, and Meizu has instead equipped the Zero with, er, piezoelectric transducers that vibrate parts of the display for either loudspeaker or earpiece audio.

And make up for the lack of ports, Meizu Zero will support Bluetooth 5.0 and a wireless USB connectivity that it claims will be capable of transferring files as fast as the USB 3.0 standard can.

You’ll be pleased to hear it does feature a screen; a decently-specced 5.99in QHD OLED one at that. This is surrounded by a big enough bezel to house a 20MP front-facing camera, but Meizu has opted to stick the fingerprint scanner underneath the screen.

Elsewhere, the Zero packs a dual 12MP + 20MP rear camera, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, support for 18W wireless charging – y’know, given its lack of charging port, IP68 certification and HTC U12-esque pressure-sensitive buttons around its edges.  

There’s no word yet on when or where the Meizu Zero will be sold, but we’re assuming it’ll be pricey. We’ll likely hear more at MWC next month. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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