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Microsoft and Fujitsu become palm-readers in latest Windows authentication tech

YOU MIGHT BE LOGGING into Windows a little differently in future, if Microsoft and its new mate have their way.

The Redmond giant has partnered with Japanese tech firm Fujitsu to develop a new login method for Windows 10 devices that will have you flashing your palms as opposed to scanning your finger or entering an easy-to-hack password.  

The new tech, dubbed PalmSecure, works in conjunction with Windows Hello, replacing the need to enter a password. It validates your identity by reading your unique palm vein map, the duo said.

They explained that to log in using PalmSecure, all you need to do is “place your hand above the sensor and it will read your unique vein map”. Once identity is confirmed, you are given access to your computer.

The reason the tech giants have joined forces in this project is to help combat some of the 60 per cent of global security attacks that stem from compromised user credentials.

“To minimise this very real security concern, Microsoft developed Windows Hello facial and fingerprint recognition and Fujitsu has brought to market another biometric option, palm vein authentication,” an official Windows blog stated.

“Already used by companies and organisations around the world, including Banco Bradesco and Lotte Card, palm vein technology is designed to provide access protection for devices and prevent compromised credentials.”

Below is a YouTube video if you decide that you are so enthralled by this new development that you want to learn even more…

There isn’t many details on the Windows blog as to how you can acquire this palm-reading authentication tech to add to your existing system, but it does direct you to Fujitsu’s online store, telling you to look for devices with Windows 10 Pro and biometric authentication options if you’re in the market for a new lappy equipped with some palm-reading action.  

Once you get there and a nosey, you’ll find some of the laptops on offer – such as the Lifebook U7x7 Ultrabook – have the palm-reading tech as an authentication option when purchasing. So it looks like you’d have to invest in a Fujitsu machine if you really want to take advantage of the new log-in.

Alternatively, you could just create a good password… µ

Source : Inquirer

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