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Microsoft and LinkedIn launch AI-powered CV tool to land you that perfect job

MICROSOFT pwned anti-social network LinkedIn has revealed its new AI-powered resume tool, so you can stand out as special, just like everybody else.

Résumé Assistant from LinkedIn has been added to Microsoft’s Office 365 suite and is ready to turn your CV from a shambles into a generic masterpiece.

It’s hardly the first CV generator on the market – at INQ, we get at least five emails a week from people who think they can make it in journalism with a computer-generated CV. We delete them.

The trick with this one is its ability to leverage the huge network of Linked In professionals to hone your CV to the job you are after.

Once you type in a job title, it will look for members already doing that job, and show you how they describe what they do.

It can also prompt you to update your CV with details that represent the person spec of a job you are applying for via Linked In.

The partners burble enthusiastically on the LinkedIn blog: “With over 15 million job applications being submitted on LinkedIn every week, finding the right way to represent your unique experience is important. By regularly updating your resume, you’ll already be one step ahead when the time comes to find your next role.”

It adds that the system will do away with flat-pack one-for-all resumes. Now we’re not sure about that because surely a template will make your CV look even more like everyone elses.

As well as all that, there’s also the optional ProFinder service which can help you find interview and career coaches, and if you’re still struggling, help with your CV.

The system launched for Word last November and is rolling out to Office 365 by territory in the coming months. Other operating systems are promised down the road.

LinkedIn is facing a big advertising challenge from Facebook Professional, which announced a CV upload facility last year. µ

Source : Inquirer

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