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Microsoft Build is going to clash with Google I/O, again

IN 1955, on the opening night of ITV, the BBC killed off a major character in Radio 4’s The Archers as a deliberate spoiler. These days, such aggressive scheduling happens less and less as overall audiences fragment but it’s a reminder of the cut-throat world of big business.

Which brings us to Microsoft and Google, which have once again this year scheduled for their developer conferences to clash.

Microsoft Build 2019 takes place from 6-8th May in Seattle, whilst further south, Google I/O, which was announced first, starts a day later at the company’s Mountain View headquarters.

Both conferences are equally important for their developers, but their clashing makes it difficult for those who have connections to Windows, Android and Chrome development.

Thankfully, the events are staggered just enough so INQ won’t be trying to cover two keynotes simultaneously, but it does mean that there’s going to be a few hacks that are flying breakneck from Seattle to San Jose on the Monday night.

Both conferences will have an interest beyond the developer audience as they are likely to contain big product announcements; likely lots of content around mixed reality for a new Hololens device which is rumoured for release at MWC later this month, and some deets on Google’s as-yet-unnamed, yet heavily-leaked Android Q OS

There will also be news surrounding the firms’ respective developer tools, such as Android Studio (and maybe some more clues about Fuschia’s purpose) and cloud upgrades for both Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

It does feel slightly counterproductive to schedule both events against each other, especially in light of the two company’s alignments in the browser market, but ours is not to reason why, just to wish they hadn’t.

Registration for Google I/O is already open, whilst Microsoft Build delegates can register from the 27th February.  μ

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