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Microsoft confirms Surface Book 2 battery borkage blighting gamers

MICROSOFT HAS CONFIRMED that its Surface Book 2 laptop is suffering from a power problem that may cause the battery to drain even when it’s plugged into the mains.

The glitch was first spotted by The Verge, which found that when playing a game on the highest settings, the Surface Book 2’s battery will start draining at a rate of roughly 10 per cent per hour.

According to the report, the problem is that some games, such as Destiny 2, use the machine’s Nvidia graphics chip almost continuously, pulling up to 70 watts of power on top of the 35 watt CPU. The Surface Book 2 comes with a 102-watt charger, and only about 95 watts of that reaches the device, according to The Verge‘s report.

In a statement, Microsoft confirmed the battery borkage but said that the battery will never fully drain when the machine is plugged in.

“The Surface Book 2 Power Mode Slider is provided as a means to give the user control over the range of performance and battery life,” a spokesperson said.

“In some intense, prolonged gaming scenarios with Power Mode Slider set to ‘best performance’ the battery may discharge while connected to the power supply provided in-box with Surface Book 2.

“However, through power management design, the battery will never drain entirely, ensuring that users are able to keep working, creating or gaming.”

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The spokesperson notes that the Surface Book 2 is aimed at designers, developers and engineers, with the subtext that this isn’t a device intended for high-end gaming.

“Surface Book 2 was designed to deliver unmatched power and performance for anyone who needs a powerful machine to work and create, making it a great option for STEM professionals (designers, developers, engineers),” the spokesperson said.

These remarks come despite Microsoft claims that the device offers “desktop-class performance”, and after the firm showed off Cuphead and Gears of War 4 playing at high frame rates on the Surface Book 2 at its launch event earlier this year. 

Microsoft hasn’t said that it’s considering a fix for the power drain issue, so for now, you might want to think twice before you spend £1,500 on a Surface Book 2. µ

Source : Inquirer

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