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Microsoft could bring its Movies and TV to Android and iOS

You… you mean I can’t turn off analytics altogether?

MICROSOFT IS REPORTEDLY looking to expand its Movie and TV store beyond Windows, with mobile apps believed to be in the pipeline.

Anonymous tips to Windows Central suggests that the company is planning to roll out a version of the app, allowing users to watch and even add to their libraries on the go.

Of course, if you’ve been buying all your movies from Microsoft, we legitimately weep for the future. Anyway.

The company clearly still sees a future in digital through sales of eye candy. The Movies/TV app could easily have been ditched at the same time as Microsoft Groove, the company’s music offering.

That was ditched last year in favour of Spotify.

Part of that success is going to be down to Xbox rather than Windows. The Xbox is ideal for this sort of thing, and so many will have a healthy library from that alone.

The arrival of a chestburster app, however, will hopefully encourage more users to try Microsoft as an entertainment hub accessible anywhere.

What it might fall foul of, however, are Google and Apple who will probably be reluctant to let a major competitor chop out the guts of their market. In order for the offering to be accepted, it’s quite likely that Microsoft would have to strip out the ability to change hands, meaning no mobile ordering – just viewing your existing content.

As part of the move, the company is set to join Movies Anywhere, an agreement which lets you merge your digital content into a single library. Google and Apple are already members, which may placate them with the whole “third party store” issue.

As for the release date? We don’t know a lot beyond what Windows Central describes as “not soon”, though we’d hope it won’t be too long once the red tape has been ironed out.

Movies and TV will represent one of the last Microsoft ecosystem apps to move to Android, following the demise of Windows Phone Mobile. μ

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