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Microsoft gives a longer grace period for Windows 10 updates

MICROSOFT IS to slow down the rate of updates to Windows 10 for corporate clients after IT admins complained they were drowning in patches.

Since Windows 10 launched, the company has been working to a “Windows-as-a-Service” model whereby updates are fed through on a regular basis, in order to keep Windows as up-to-date and secure as possible.

This is great in theory, but as we’ve seen time and time again, in practice, it is difficult for businesses with limited resources to keep up with the constant need to update their systems and third-party packages within the maximum 18 months grace they are given to switch up.

Now though, Microsoft has taken on board the moans (well done, chaps, it’s only taken two and a bit years) and will be upping this to a much more realistic 30 months – two and a half years – which allows them to offer more time and save face that it is still worth the upgrade for us muggles.

The extended deadline applies to Enterprise and Education editions of the operating system and applies only to the Autumn/Fall release. The Spring update will remain at 18 months. So for example when Redstone 5 arrives next month, it’ll be supported until Spring 2022, but 19U1, six months later, will only have 18 months so it will bork from Autumn, erm 2021.

Now maths tells us that doesn’t add up, so realistically, the new rule is to upgrade at least every two years, with a six month bit of wiggle room if you want to have the longest possible period between updates.

Alternatively, you can get into a groove of 6 months, 12 months (in November), 18 months OR two years without fear of the malware boogieman. 

Which is actually only six months grace, which doesn’t sound nearly so good. It’s all being spun as giving the choice back to the customer though in reality, its a slightly hollow victory on paper.

For us mere mortals, Home and Professional editions will continue an 18-month cycle and as ever, Microsoft will probably make it as uncomfortable as possible for us not to upgrade sooner.

Microsoft has also announced today that it will offer paid extensions to Windows 7 for the even slower of upgraders. μ

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