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Microsoft is forcing Skype Classic users to upgrade to Skype 8

MICROSOFT HAS begun the compulsory adoption of Skype 8 amongst users.

Users have been railing against the move since it was first announced, as Skype 8 has been beset by problems, many linked to the fact that it will see Windows 10 users forced to use a UWP (Microsoft Store) version of the app, which has historically not worked very well – a point we’ve made many times.

Microsoft previously tried to kill off ‘Skype Classic’ but had to reverse the decision after users pointed out that it has many features that hadn’t been ported to the new version.

More notably, INQ found that cross-platform device support was incredibly unreliable, and we’ve actually moved away from Skype for our office as a result.

The Skype UWP app in Windows 10 is starting to get many of the features that people wanted, the damage has been done and frankly, right now, we still won’t touch it with yours, if we didn’t have to.

Skype ‘Classic’ users will now be greeted with a message telling them to “Update Skype Today” with the only options being to update, or quit.

There’s no way around it, and we can’t say we weren’t warned, but it’s nevertheless a kick in the teeth for loyal users who simply don’t want the new version of the app.

Users have been desperately trying to find a way to override the message, and so far, the only techniques have involved hacking an old version of Skype ‘Classic’ to freeze it from updating to the most recent version, and therefore displaying the pop-up of doom.

We certainly have no plans to move back to using Skype and we’ll be interested to see what people think of this new version once it has bedded in, but there’s a feeling that this is another example of Microsoft’s “we know what’s good for you” policy.

That said, it’s worth remembering that Skype ‘Classic’ was retired in part because there are vulnerabilities, which it has chosen not to fix, instead concentrating on Skype 8, so, user beware. μ

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Source : Inquirer

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