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Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 Build 1709 onto users who opted out of data collection

MICROSOFT IS annoying users again with its nanny-state update policies. This time it’s surrounding security updates for old builds.

The problem of being forced to update to the latest twice-yearly build of Windows 10 has been going on since… well, since Windows 10.

People were pushed into upgrading to Windows 10. Then they were forced to update to the Anniversary update. Then the Creators Update, then the Fall Creators Update. Now, with a second Spring Update looming, it’s happening again.

Users, particularly those who have opted out of data collection, are being told that they must update to Build 1709 (the most recent) in order to continue receiving security patches.

There’s a big part of us that thinks, ‘well, yes, these are incremental updates, it’s not like they are pushing you from Windows 7 to Windows 10 – it’s Windows-as-a-Service’.

But – here’s the issue. Or rather issues.

First of all: Warnings given by Microsoft of this rule? Diddly Squat. It just started happening.

Second: These builds are not supposed to be end-of-life. Even individual builds are subject to an end date. And the incremental builds of Windows 10 are not there yet, not even close. So saying there won’t be any more patches is welching on that.

Yes, technically, you can carry on using them, but only if you don’t update anything. Oh wait – you’ve turned off Windows Update? Sorry pal, this is bypassing Windows Update. It’s happening anyway.

Thirdly: Why would you not want to update, you ask? Simple. Windows updates bork things. With an operating system as huge and unwieldy as Windows, it’s inevitable that when you muck about under the hood, you’ll stop some drivers functioning, or cause some bespoke software to go for a Burton. It’s not a judgement on Microsoft, it’s just a big ask for it not to happen. But…

That means there are often business critical reasons for not rolling out updates. Any updates.

Microsoft will always tell you that this is a kindness, but as we’ve already heard from when the company opted to roll up updates into a single monthly bumph fest of good and bad, people just don’t like it.

With some of the affected builds – enterprise builds – being still in service for as much as 13 months, this is going to put a lot of noses out of joint.

And yet, even after Updategate, even after this, Microsoft still thinks that it’s doing what ‘our users tell us’ they want. Then wonder why over 40 per cent of machines are still running Windows 7. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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