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Microsoft is planning a service to keep Windows 10 bork-free for cash

MICROSOFT’S CARING and sharing customer service policy that never stops thinking of you has come up with a way to make it easier to ensure that if you upgrade to Windows 10 for your staff (and hey, why wouldn’t you?) that you’re fully covered.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s going to charge you. Whoopety-bloody-doo.

Despite making it increasingly hard to avoid the latest and arguably 10th version of its operating system, Microsoft has you covered.

“Microsoft Managed Desktop” has started to appear in job listings and ZDNet has already reported that it is essentially a “Desktop-as-a-Service” offering.

It allows you to let Microsoft set up and configure your computer, and keep it that way for a monthly fee, rumoured to be a tenner-a-seat-per-month.

Seriously, we’re expected to pay for Microsoft to configure our computers “correctly”? Haven’t we had enough of this sort of nonsense?

INQ predicts that “correctly” will involve all analytics possible being sent to Microsoft, Cortana made to interrupt everything to offer an opinion like some Blade Runner-esque version of Clippy, and worst of all, Bing being constantly reset as the default search engine.

But, still, at least it’s only a tenner a month. (rolls eyes).

Microsoft is responding to ongoing concerns from IT professionals who are struggling with the rolled-up bundles of updates and patches that Microsoft has switched to.

For a long time now, they’ve been begging Microsoft to unbundle each one to give system administrators better granular control over what the machines receive.

Microsoft’s response appears to be “no, we won’t do that, but if you pay us a subscription, it’ll work properly”

Wait – isn’t that the exact business model of Office 365?

Basically, yes, yes it is. Other companies have been doing this sort of thing for a while – they’ll sell you a laptop and then keep it maintained and updated as part of the monthly instalments.

This, however, sounds more like Microsoft taking something that used to work properly, making it not work properly, telling people that it is working properly and actually better for it, and it’ll gladly take a tenner a month to prove it.

Still, at least Microsoft’s business model endures. μ 

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