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Microsoft is planning an 85in Surface Hub for 2020

Microsoft is planning an 85in Surface Hub for 2020

‘Guess Who’ has never felt so immersive

HAVE YOU EVER found yourself wishing you could get more Excel cells on a screen in a meeting to really hammer home your point? Microsoft hears you and is planning an 85inversion of the Surface Hub 2S for 2020. By our calculations, the 4K screen should comfortably fit at least 3,480 cells on without needing anybody to squint too much.

If that’s too long to wait, you can buy the tiny-wee miniature 50in Surface Hub 2S this June if you live in the US and have a generous business expense account. It’s got a $8,999 price tag on it, which comes to around £6,900 at current exchange rates.

That money gets you a lot of nice technology, at least. The screen is 4K and fully compatible with the Surface Hub 2 Pen, letting you doodle 50in phalluses to your heart’s content. The pen, along with a 4K Hub 2 Camera is included, neatly clipping to the side of the screen to avoid losses.

The sound setup is quite impressive too: the screen has eight beamforming microphones, dual speakers and a dedicated subwoofer built-in to make those PowerPoint transitions really immersive.

Despite being 40 per cent lighter and with 60 per cent thinner bezels, the Surface Hub 2S gets a decent upgrade over its predecessor, with an eighth-generation Intel Core i5 quad-core processor, backed by 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD tucked inside.

Most importantly, it’s modular, meaning you can give the screen an upgrade by swapping the core. And if you really can’t wait until 2020 for the 85in version, you can always daisy-chain multiple second-generation Surface Hubs together vertically. When you do this, a set of dormant speakers spring into life, detecting the new setup and making sure everything sounds as expected.

The future looks pretty great. It also looks pretty expensive. God bless business expense accounts. µ

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