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Microsoft is porting the SysInternals library to Linux

MICROSOFT IS CONTINUING its love affair with former adversary Linux by porting a bunch of its system administration and monitoring tools from the Sysinternals library.

The range is kicking off with ProcDump, a utility used to make crash dumps, which sounds like a small thing, but mighty oaks and all that. There’s more coming.

The SysInternals microsite was originally a separate suite called WinInternals, created by one Mark Russinovich, but it became so much the de facto of what it does that eventually Microsoft bought it at rebranded it. Now, 22 years after it was first designed, and 12 years after the aquisition, its contents is going multi-platform.

The team is now waiting to hear what people’s priorities are for the next port. As such there’s no roadmap or timeline as yet, only the confirmation that, yes, the rest of the suite is coming. We believe the next one will be ProcMon, but don’t hold us to that bit.

NTFSDOS is the only likely exception because that has been discontinued for some time. RAMmap, which arrived in 2010 and is the most recent utility will more than likely be on the list.

The Linux versions are likely to be less feature-laiden than their Windows counterparts, but for many devs, a bad day with SysInternals remains better than a good day without them.

If you want to try it out, it’s open source (of course) and available from Github. Right here in fact. There’s no indication from Team Microsoft as to whether or not the Windows versions will be hitting The Hub for a the forseeable, but with Microsoft’s recent benefactory ways, we wouldn’t rule anything out.

Sysinternals has been responsible for uncovering several major tech scandals including the Sony “rootkit” DRM-copyright scandal that affected the music industry in the early noughties and borked a generation of CDs whilst making a PCs vulnerable to attacks. Sony BMG went on to sue its designer. μ

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