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Microsoft is reportedly blocking the ‘Right To Repair’ bill through lobbying

Microsoft is reportedly blocking the 'Right To Repair' bill through lobbying

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MICROSOFT AND APPLE aren’t so different after all.

It seems that after years of niggling away at Apple for its rather draconian stance on self-repair, Microsoft, too, has been trying to convince those in power that this whole mend-and-make-do business is not to be encouraged.

Plans are afoot for a so-called “Right to Repair” bill which would force big-tech to stop making it so difficult for consumers to fix their own kit, or at least take it to any competent repair person. Apple has long been against the move, but now, it appears, so is Microsoft.

According to MSPowerUser, Jeff Morris, a Democrat member of the House of Representatives, has been using its influence to block a bill which, on the face of it, has support across the house and a whopping 87 per cent support amongst US citizens.

He claims that, according to his sources, Microsoft had offered to support a tax which would be used to fund STEM education, but only if the Right To Repair bill was quietly dropped. A second stipulation surrounding privacy policies was also on the table.

“Microsoft was going around telling our members that they wouldn’t sell Surface Tablets in Washington any longer if we passed the bill,” he claimed during an interview on repair specialist iFixit’s radio show.

For Microsoft, the benefits of ‘losing’ the Right To Repair act are fairly convoluted. Although they don’t have as many of their own products to rattle through a repair shop, they definitely have a vested interest here – if you can’t repair it economically, then you end up replacing it and that’s more lovely OEM Windows 10 licensing money for Redmond.

Of course, the fact that such a move is anti-competitive, anti-democratic and highly damaging to our fragile environment shouldn’t bother a big fish like Microsoft.

Just kidding, of course it f*cking should. μ

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