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Microsoft may be working on a digital notebook called Andromeda

MOBILE QUITTING software rental company Microsoft could be working on a new digital notebook design with the emphasis on good old-fashioned handwriting.

The device is to be called Andromeda, reports Windows Central, and will be a folding book with a single page display when unfolded, (or could it be multi-screened) able to act as both a tablet or an analogue notebook with OCR to back up your scrawlings (to Onenote, probably).

Windows Ink has been at the heart of recent updates to Windows 10 and would form the backbone of this new device, seemingly a revival of the abandoned Microsoft Courier device which never made it to market.

There’s no guarantee this one will either, but if it does, it is said to have phone capabilities as well, which means that in theory, it could be your “one true device”, though Microsoft has categorically stated that it no longer has designs on mobile hardware – it’s going for the Microsoft-on-Android route.

This is all going to be made possible by the arrival of Windows for ARM processors, much hyped, but arriving too late for Microsoft’s attempts at the mobile market.

However, the company did say recently that devices of the ARM ilk are going to offer power, and potentially multi-day battery life, so Andromeda seems like a very likely example of how this could work- think less Surface, more interactive Kindle.

Remember that it wasn’t so many years ago that Apple came out with what was effectively a new form factor (though we all know tablets had been kicking about as an idea for ages) so the idea that Microsoft could come up with something completely new like this isn’t beyond the pale. And new it would be.

If this thing is a thing (and here’s the thing, it might not be a thing) then expect to see it at some point in 2018. µ

Source : Inquirer

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