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Microsoft News marks the death of MSN on iOS and Android

ANOTHER TECH BRAND rode off into the sunset on Wednesday as Microsoft News launched as a replacement for the venerable MSN News.

Although the MSN brand has been waning for some time, this rebrand represents a significant wrench for the service, leaving it as little more than a web portal with a list of links and completely expunged from the iOS and Android ecosystems.

The rebranding of MSN News to Microsoft News (originally it was called Bing News, lol) is the latest stage of a long-term rebranding exercise that has seen the Bing and MSN brands made more specific while brands like Microsoft and Outlook take centre stage.

For mobile users, that’s the end of the brand – there are no more MSN branded services.

“Microsoft News is the new name for our news engine that powers familiar sites like, and our newly redesigned Microsoft News app for iOS and Android. Microsoft News also powers news on Microsoft Edge, the News app in Windows 10, Skype, Xbox and,” Microsoft explains, adding that they aim to support “high-quality, credible journalism”.

“We believe that a free, well-funded press is a critical part of our social fabric and are proud to partner with the world’s best news brands, offering a business model that gives people access, at no-cost, to trustworthy news and provides a sustainable source of revenue for publishers.” it says.

iOS and Android apps are available from now, with the option to pick specific topics that interest you, and to select your favourite news sources. Microsoft says its “like having your own portable newsroom”. Bless.

Also available are breaking news push alerts, a dark theme for night reading, home page widgets and continuous reading options.

As for how it differs from, say, Google News? The main thing is human beings. The AI picks the news agenda and human editors then find the stories, the angles and the sources that should get precedence.

For users who don’t fancy the app, you can also get Microsoft News via the start page of the Edge Browser, because Microsoft never misses a trick.  µ

Source : Inquirer

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