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Microsoft reckons it’s patriotic to provide AI tech to the US Army

WAR HUH! What is it good for? Developing artificial intelligence- (AI) powered kit for the US military if you happen to be Microsoft.

Redmond’s chief lawyer Brad Smith told Fox Business Network that the company won’t shy away from providing the US with “our best technology” and that it’s Microsoft’s patriotic duty to do so.

“This country has always relied on having access to the best technology, certainly the best technology that American companies make,” Smith said during an exclusive interview with Fox Business‘ Maria Bartiromo.  “We want this country, and we especially those that serve this country, to know we at Microsoft have their back.”

Microsoft already provides tech to the US Army, including plans to provide HoloLens mixed reality headsets to soldiers for use in combat situations.

But Redmond is also happy to throw its work on AI tech at the US Army, though whether that will involve smart support systems and lever threat analysis tech or AI-powered killer robots, we have yet to see.

“As we see artificial intelligence entering the world of the militaries around the world, as people are asking questions about autonomous weapons, we’ll be engaged,  but we’ll be engaged as a civic participant,” said Smith, which doesn’t really shed that much light on the whole situation.

Smith’s and Microsoft’s patriotic stance seems to also be a direct dig at Google, which after it’s employees kicked up a stink, has pulled out of providing the US Army with its AI tech.

We like smart tech here at The INQUIRER and especially enjoy barking commands at the likes of the Google Assistant. But adding too much AI into military weapons and kit is pushing rather close to a dystopian like situation whereby our skies and streets are stalked by Skynet-like Terminators.

We also can’t help but think that Microsoft founder Bill Gates wouldn’t be happy with Microsoft working on AI for military use given the tech luminary has said he’s a tad scared of robots. µ

Source : Inquirer

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