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Microsoft rep switches to Chrome mid-presentation because Edge kept crashing

A MICROSOFT REP has been caught on video switching from Edge to Chrome in the middle of a sales pitch because the native Microsoft browser kept crashing on him.

OK, we say ‘caught’ but it’s weirder than that because Microsoft actually uploaded the whole thing to (Google-owned) YouTube.

The presentation was designed to show customers what a doddle it is to migrate apps and data to Microsoft Azure. Except it sort of isn’t if you’re using Edge it would seem.

“I always love it when demos break…” says the unknown antipodean as Edge hangs. “So while we’re talking here, I’m just going to install Chrome” he chuckles, as the audience breaks into a nervous ripple of applause.

It’s all very charming and matey, and everyone is on the same side, but nevertheless, it does make for slightly cringe-worthy watching.

Declining to share app usage data with Google (he’s not that nice), he goes on to complete the demo in his rival’s browser, to a chorus of giggles from the audience.

Microsoft Edge is currently way behind its rivals in terms of market share, in particular, Google Chrome. It has a far less developed ecosystem, being a completely new browser to replace Internet Explorer for Windows 10, and as such the number of whistles and bells and add-ons is far less than the competition, with some also claiming the performance isn’t all that.

However for a company that is trying to convince an apathetic business market that it really is a good idea to switch from Windows 7, which holds most of the current enterprise market, (much to Microsoft’s disdain) then Microsoft employees giving up on the company’s default browser because it crashes running the default cloud interface isn’t going to instil masses of confidence.

But having said that, anyone who has seen the many, many (many) Microsoft stage demos that have gone wrong in the past should take note, as whoever our unsung hero is, he got out of demo hell with quick thinking and a refreshing honesty that Microsoft’s marketing team are going to absolutely loathe. µ 

Source : Inquirer

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