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Microsoft wants to train all your brains in AI smarts

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MICROSOFT’S UK operation has announced plans for an ‘AI Academy’ that will see thousands of citizens trained up in the worlds of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At the annual Future Decoded event currently taking place at the Excel Centre, London, Microsoft UK’s CEO Cindy Rose used her keynote to introduce the initative which aims to reach as many as half a million Brits through a mixture of face-to-face classes and online tutorials.

The scheme is aiming at industry professionals, but not just from the tech industry, but the wider world of business as we’re reminded that what happens in IT affects everything.

As part of the launch, Microsoft’s latest research in association with Goldsmiths, University of London and pollers YouGov, estimates that failure to embrace artificial intelligence could represent a £230bn hole in our economy’s finances as we fall further behind.

Let’s face it, we could do without losing any more money from the economy right about now, with Rose talking of that figure as potentially critical to the future of the UK and its prosperity.

“How society, business and people adapt to AI will become one of the most pressing considerations of this generation and next,”  said Rose, “Only by applying AI in the right way can we unlock its extraordinary potential for good.”

The courses will form part of the new Microsoft Learn platform that will be offering training on a wide range of topics as it brings together the many other learning resources that Microsoft has had over the years.

That currently takes you to a holding page with a promise of full details in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Learn is a worldwide initiative but the AI courses are specifically tailored for UK users.

Microsoft Future Decoded is back in South London for another two days of mind-expanding lectures from the likes of TV has-been Esther McVey and the not strictly relevant Michael Caine. μ

Source : Inquirer

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