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Microsoft wants you to hand over control of your entire network to Managed Desktop

MICROSOFT HAS announced the arrival of Microsoft Managed Desktop, allowing you to turn all your SysAdmin duties over to them and they absolutely won’t mess it up.

Out today in a limited initial rollout for US and UK users, the service takes away almost all duties relating to updates and day to day management of your office, allowing IT personnel to look for other jobs concentrate on the touchy-feely side of the business because we all know that’s their favourite bit.

Support for the service is rolling out to “modern hardware” in the coming months including Surface devices and kit from popular vendors including Dell and HP.

This immediately sends alarm bells ringing, because it allows Microsoft to effectively EoL machines that otherwise you wanted to hang on to. Part of the Windows-as-a-Service model seems to be based on the idea that Microsoft knows better than you do when it’s time to replace your machine, and if this applies to, say 300 seats, it could negate the cost savings of having a cloud managed network.

You will, of course, get full analytics and admin rights, meaning you can override Microsoft’s lore, but as “our users tell us” this is what the people want, all we can say is, at least it’s an option, ideal for small businesses who don’t have an IT department.

Fortunately, the full terms of the service include hardware leasing as well as the software – Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility, so at least if you go down that route, your hardware isn’t going to go obsolete, though, with our suspicious hat on, we do wonder if they’ll charge for the swap.

It’s actually quite sad that we’re at a stage that when Microsoft announces a new product that, on paper, sounds like it will benefit a lot of people, that we have to start looking for the catch.

Unfortunately, though, that’s the position that the Windows-as-a-Service has created. We’ve been caught out by caveats too many times. μ 

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