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Microsoft will block Windows 10 May 2019 Update installs on PCs with external storage

MICROSOFT HAS ANNOUNCED that it will block users from installing the next version of Windows 10 if they use SD cards, external USB hard drives or USB sticks.

The May 2019 Update to Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) will not install for you unless you remove all removable storage after problems with what Microsoft describes as “inappropriate drive reassignment”

A new support document on the Microsoft website explains: “Inappropriate drive reassignment can occur on eligible computers that have an external USB device or SD memory card attached during the installation of the May 2019 update,” the company said. “For this reason, these computers are currently blocked from receiving the May 2019 Update.”

The problem will only really affect users who have booted Windows from external storage – so bad news for Raspberry Pi users – otherwise, the workaround is pretty simple, eject all the things first.

This sounds clunky, but in reality, it’s only a solidifying of a ‘feature’ that has always existed – we’ve all had our machine try to boot from a hard drive by mistake before.

The issue only arises for users currently on the latest build of Windows (October 2018 Update – Build 1809), suggesting that the problem could actually stem from that build in the first place.

It’s expected that Microsoft is blocking the installs from the outset, so it has a bit more thinking time in how to fix the problem, without delaying the rollout of the update. It’s expected that the rule will be relaxed once a fix is found.

This is wise counsel for Microsoft to have made this move now. Build 1809 was notorious for a string of glitches that led to it being withdrawn after a few weeks, before later being reissued.

Microsoft can’t afford for the same thing to happen again, lest it completely discredits the WaaS strategy. For that reason, the new build has already been delayed for an extra month to give the Insiders more time to pick it apart. μ

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