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Microsoft will make Ubuntu 18.04 a ‘first-class guest’ in Hyper-V

MICROSOFT HAS continued its Linux love-in by joining forces with Canonical to make Ubuntu a “first-class guest” under Hyper-V.

Announcing the news in a TechNet blog post, Microsoft’s program manager Craig Wilhite said that the Redmond-based company was collaborating with the open-source software company XRDP, which has implemented Microsoft’s RDP protocol on Linux, in order to deliver a better-quality experience and “closer parity” with Windows clients. 

“Whether you’re a developer or an IT admin, virtual machines are familiar tools that allow users to run entirely separate operating system instances on a host. And despite being a separate OS, we feel there’s a great importance in having a VM experience that feels tightly integrated with the host,” Wilhite wrote. 

“We invested in making the Windows client VM experience first-class, and users really liked it. Our users asked us to go further: they wanted that same first-class experience on Linux VMs as well.”

Microsoft is, therefore, partnering with Canonical on the upcoming Ubuntu 18.04 release to ensure that it works better as a virtual machine under Windows, he explained, with a solution that works out of the box. 

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“Hyper-V’s Quick Create VM gallery is the perfect vehicle to deliver such an experience,” Wilhite said. “With only three mouse clicks, users will be able to get an Ubuntu VM running that offers clipboard functionality, drive redirection, and much more.”

Those who don’t want to wait until the official release of Ubuntu 18.04 to try out the improved Linux VM experience, however, can download a sneak peek in a developer preview.

Microsoft warned there may be some bugs in the preview version – but not to worry, as the idea is to gather this data so it can make the 18.04 experience better overall, Wilhite claimed. µ

Source : Inquirer

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