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Microsoft won’t fix network mapping borkage in Windows 10 until 2019

MICROSOFT JUST can’t seem to do anything right at the moment, at least where Windows is concerned. So, sure enough, the October 2018 Update for Windows 10 has been re-released, with another shiny new bug in tow. 

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Build 1809) was put on hold last month after users found it was actually deleting their files before being reissued this week to a small sample group, which immediately spotted it wasn’t completely fixed. 

This borkage isn’t quite so bad – but it’s enough to be a huge problem for sysadmins, SMBs and in fact, anyone with a NAS drive, because mapping of network drives is still not working properly.

In many cases, mapping is not restored after a reboot/logoff, whilst others have reported users clicking on a file in one drive, and finding they’ve opened a completely different one.

It’s not a new fault – Build 1803 is prone to some weird behaviours surrounding network drives, but this has brought it into high gear and sharp focus – not least because it has left people asking “HOW?. After all, this build has been beta tested by the Insider community and yet here we are.

The company has added some possible workarounds to its Knowledge Base, but it hasn’t stopped the fur flying as the industry remains aghast.

But it gets worse. Not only has Microsoft acknowledged that, yet again, the bug has sneaked through quality control, but it also says we won’t see fix this side of Auld Lang Syne.

Yep – a major bug that could bring offices to a standstill isn’t down for a fix until 2019.

The issue isn’t just restricted to Windows 10 – it also appears in Windows Server 1809 and Windows Server 2019, according to the support page on Microsoft’s site.

There are other bugs as well. Trend Micro has asked Microsoft to block the update on machines with its anti-malware installed due to a compatibility issue, whilst owners of AMD Radeon HD 2000 and HD 4000 cards may find that Edge and the Lock Screen will bork. Again, the installation has been blocked.

For our part, we’d suggest, if in doubt, defer the installation. 

The company has promised to do better in future. Again. μ

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