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Microsoft’s canned ‘Xbox Watch’ revealed in leaked images

AN XBOX WATCH could’ve been a thing but Microsoft canned it, if leaked images are to be believed.

Self-described Microsoft fan and Twitter user Hikari Calyx posted images of the so-called Xbox Watch, which looks a little like a pumped-up fitness tracker.

Now such leaks need to be taken with a granary dose of salt and a good degree of scepticism. But if the images are legit, they give a gander at what the Xbox Watch could have been like.

A rather straightforward rectangular watch body holds a small seemingly low-resolution display, which would be expected from a prototype device.

The shots also suggest what the Xbox Watch display would look like. Simple looking tiles reminiscent of the UI on the Xbox 360 and Windows 8 feature in the images, which would suggest that the prototype is pretty old rather than a recently canned Microsoft project.

While GPS, a heart-rate monitor and fitness features, now expected in most smartwatches, were present and correct, there was no hint at any gaming features to earn the ‘Xbox’ nomenclature.

Perhaps the Xbox Watch would have acted as an extra peripheral for motion control when using the now-discontinued Kinect motion-sensing camera. Or maybe the watch could be used with the Cortana virtual assistant to add better voice commands to Xbox games. Who knows? Not us and perhaps we never will.

Microsoft’s best stab at a smartwatch was the Band which hasn’t really captured the hearts and minds of tech fans as much as the Apple Watch or other Android smartwatches.

And Redmond is not likely to return to techie wrist-wear, given its hardware focus looks to be on the Surface range and HoloLens.

Still, at least we got a glimpse at what could have been; though we’re rather relieved Microsoft decided to develop the Xbox One X rather than a lacklustre wearable. µ

Source : Inquirer

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