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Microsoft’s ‘Centaurus’ could be a dual-screen Surface device

MICROSOFT’S ENGINEERING BOFFINS might be working on a dual-screened device under the codename of ‘Centaurus’, according to Windows Central‘s inside sources.

Potentially a Surface-branded device that might tread the line between smartphones and tablets by having a foldable display, Centaurus could be powered by Windows Core OS; a project to make Windows 10 a modular operating system so that it can work effectively across multiple devices.

According to Windows Central, Redmond’s engineers have been squirrelling away at the dual-screened device for a year or so, and said gadget has been slated for an Autumn 2019 reveal; we have quite a wait to see if such rumours and titbits if information come to fruition.

If it’s not a foldable phone in the vein of Samsung’s recently revealed Galaxy Flex foldable smartphone, then Centaurus is likely to resemble something akin to the dual-screen tablet devices cooked up by Intel as prototype devices and brought into reality by Asus’s Project Precog semi-concept laptop revealed at Computex 2018.

Such a dual-screen Surface device is likely to tread the lines between laptop, tablet and high-tech folio, with the ability to run x86-based apps as well as mobile apps, thereby offering Windows 10’s open OS and productivity chops within a form-factor that makes the Surface Go look like a clunky device.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see Centaurus offer a slimmed-down Windows 10 experience when folded or used in a single-screen mode, then when it gets opened up it offers full-fat Windows with all the apps and features one would expect from a proper laptop.

If we were betting folks, we’d expect Centaurus to be more of an Intel Tiger Rapids device than a Surface Phone, with the machine pulling triple duties as a digital notepad, compact tablets, and hybrid laptop device that could compete with Chromebooks.

Of course, all this is speculation based on rumours and what we’d like to see. But one thing we’ve learnt is Microsoft now makes solid, impressive hardware, so whatever Centaurus ends up being, it could be pretty special. Fingers crossed anyway. µ

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