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Microsoft’s Edge browser edges out of beta on Android and iOS

THERE WILL COME a day when Microsoft gives up on web browsers and concentrates on its Windows, Xbox, Surface, and Office success, but it is not this day.

Instead, Redmond has revealed that the Edge browser is now available for all Android and iOS users. So that’s 2017 saved.

Now as anyone with a shred of tech knowledge knows, iOS has its Safari browser with a default Google search engine, while Android handsets and tablets use the Chrome browser, providing their makers haven’t been sniffing glue – Samsung tends to pack in its own browser but in our experience that is wiped away and replaced with Chrome near instantly.

But having pretty much failed at making its own mobile phone ecosystem, Satya Nadella and pals
want to try and muscle in on Google and Apple’s turf.

While Kevin may be pretty stoked about this, there’s probably a load of you who’ve just let out a collective ‘meh’.

But before you click onto other INQUIRER gems, it’s worth noting that the mobile Edge browser has a trick up its sleeve. It allows users to continue the work or play they were doing on a Windows 10 PC, providing they stuck with the default Edge browser, and keep going with it on an Android or iOS device.

This ‘continue on PC’ function can allow you to slide a website over to a desktop environment if say it’s misbehaving in its mobile form. So that’s at least something noteworthy.

Sadly, there’s no tab syncing yet, so you can’t share tab history between PCs and mobiles, though Microsoft plans to support that on iPads in the near future.

We have to at least give Microsoft the nod with the effort it puts into Edge, but we’d preferred to see it keep doing more interesting things like bringing Office apps to Chromebooks. µ

Source : Inquirer

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