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Microsoft’s kills the disk drive with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

Microsoft's kills the disk drive with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

It’s a new Xbox Jim, but not as we know it

MICROSOFT HAS UNVEILED the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, a console that shuns the disk drive and will instead be fully-reliant on downloadable games and content.

Set for a worldwide release on 7 May, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be flogged for $249.99 (around £200), which makes it some $50 less expensive than the current disk-drive-touting Xbox One.

That’s arguably not the saving we’d be looking for, but the console does rock a 1TB hard drive and comes with digital versions of Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves and Minecraft, which makes it a decent deal.

However, losing the disk drive also means the console has no 4K Blu-ray drive, something the Xbox One S had over the PlayStation 4. But given the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video allow for streaming in Full HD and above, there’s arguably not much call for such a drive if you have a decent internet connection. Those who want an Xbox with a Blu-ray player can opt for the powerful Xbox One X.

“Since the first Xbox debuted in 2001, there’s been a digital transformation across gaming, music, TV and movies. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition was created for those who prefer to find and play their games digitally and are looking for the most affordable way to play Xbox games,” explained Microsoft’s Athima Chansanchi.

And that’s about it for the new console. It’s hardly as exciting as the semi-reveal of the PlayStation 5 with its touted 8K and ray-tracing chops. But the digital-only console is a statement of intent that Microsoft is keen to explore a world where the physical game disk has not place.

One only has to look at its efforts in creating a game streaming service in the form of xCloud as an example of that. µ

Source : Inquirer

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