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Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox reportedly slated for 2020 release

MICROSOFT COULD ANNOUNCE a new Xbox console as soon as 2020, according to Thurrott.

We already knew that Microsoft was beavering away on the next Xbox, with division chief Phil Spencer recently confirming that Redmond is “deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles”.

But Thurrott‘s Brad Sims said he was tipped off that the new Xbox will arrive in a couple of years’ time and is currently being developed under the codename of ‘Scarlett’. Sims said he was able to view content that highlighted several unannounced Microsoft products coming around the 2020 mark.

What’s particularly interesting here is that ‘Scarlett’ refers to a family of devices rather than one console. This could mean that Microsoft plans to have multiple versions of the next Xbox, a bit like having the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Or it could mean there’ll be accompanying Xbox branded devices, say a portable console, phone or tablet.

All we can do at the moment is speculate as there’s naff all other information out there.

The next Xbox could simply be an evolution of the Xbox One X, plonking in beefier custom next-gen hardware from AMD, given the Xbox One and Xbox 360 used AMD derived tech, that targets 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Or it could do something a bit different, like mix Xbox into a HoloLens package or more tightly integrate it with Windows 10.

Either way, we’d expect Microsoft’s cloud and machine learning tech to have a place in the next Xbox.

Some had speculated that the Xbox One might be Microsoft’s last games console and instead Redmond would use its Azure cloud to pipe games to consoles, thereby bypassing any hardware constraints. But this future looks to be a little way off yet, especially given some of the lacklustre broadband connections that still exist, notably in the UK despite the continuing roll out of fibre connectivity.

Microsoft put on a fairly impressive show at E3, mixing its software production strength with hardware smarts to paint a strong future for Xbox, so we doubt the Xbox One will be pushed aside too quickly. But the promise of a new Xbox in two years could get Xbox fans all hot and bothered. µ

Source : Inquirer

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