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Microsoft’s Office 2019 is now available in preview for Windows 10 users

MICROSOFT HAS released a preview version of its upcoming Office 2019 for testing.

The Preview Edition of the venerable productivity suite is available today for business customers. It marks the first version of Office only to be available to Windows 10 users.

Most of the new features are similar to those offered by Office 365 and acknowledge that many businesses don’t want to join the subscription service, but would rather buy their Word and Excel outright.

Other packages included are PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Project, Visio and OneNote.

Of those in the list, OneNote has recently become the first Universal Windows Platform (UWP) only app in the collection.

Although other versions of Windows won’t be supported, there will be a version of Office 2019 for Mac. Also up for release in the coming months are Exchange 2019, SharePoint 2019, Project Server 2019 and Skype for Business 2019.

Jared Spataro, Office manager at Microsoft (in the biblical sense) says: “Office 365 ProPlus delivers the most productive and most secure Office experience – with the lowest TCO for deployment and management.  But for customers who aren’t yet ready to move to the cloud, Office 2019 provides an update to the perpetual apps with new features for both end users and IT.”

We’d always thought that ProPlus was something you took to keep you awake when you have a deadline. It’s actually a subscription level of Office 365 and no, it’s not entirely clear enough what the delineation is but basically, it’s for businesses with lots of seats.

Anywho, included in this version are ‘improved inking features across apps’ including roaming pencil case, pressure sensitivity and tilt effects, more powerful data analysis in Excel, with improved Business Intelligence integration, and new presentation wizardry in Powerpoint including Morphing and Zooming.

All these features are already in Office 365 ProPlus.

Office 2019 will include easier deployment for system administrators which Microsoft says will make it easier to keep on top of updates and security patches too.

Spataro concludes: “…we recognize that for many customers, moving to the cloud is a journey with many considerations along the way. Office 2019 will be a valuable upgrade for customers who feel that they need to keep some or all of their apps and servers on-premises.”

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Source : Inquirer

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