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Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 will come with an upgradable CPU cartridge

ACTION MOVIES seem to be the inspiration for Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2, which when it launches in 2019 will come with removable processor cartridges.

The idea is that when 2020 comes around you’ll be able to lock and load your Surface Hub 2 with an upgraded CPU once Intel or AMD has got them ready.

The Surface 2 will come in two models, one dubbed the Hub 2S, which will come with a slimmed down 50.5in display and existing Surface Hub software, and the Hub 2X, which will have a rotating design to slip alongside other Hub 2X screens and will sport new Hub software.

Microsoft noted the processor cartridge will allow the Hub 2S to effectively be upgraded into a Hub 2X. 

That might seem like a bit of a fuss, but the idea is that the Hub 2S is for businesses working on Microsoft Exchange servers, and when they are ready to move to the cloud – which everyone likes to do these days – with Office 365, then the processor cartridge will allow them to turn the Hub 2S into a Hub 2X, which has software centred around the Office 365 suite.

We’ve seen this type of add-in upgrade with Samsung TVs in the past, but we can’t say we’ve seen the concept take off. With consumer tech, the exception being desktop PCs, its’ often easier just to buy a whole new device without trying to swap out components, probably the reason Google’s Project Ara modular phone was canned.

Still, in the world of achingly hip businesses that love the word ‘collaboration’, we can imagine shipping in a load of Surface Hubs then replacing them all a year later would be a bit of a ball ache. So having an upgradable cartridge slot makes sense, and sounds cool if you like shotguns and err… printers. µ

Source : Inquirer

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