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Microsoft’s Windows 10 April Update is borking Chrome

WE THOUGHT it must be just us. But as usual Reddit, the internet complaining repository has confirmed it – the new Windows 10 Update is borking Chrome – borking Windows (aha).

Yes, the Windows 10 April Update, which had already been delayed due to a serious bug that was causing Blue Screen of Death, now appears to be conflicting with Google Chrome, causing the browser to freeze and hang.

We’ve been fighting with it for a couple of days now, finding issues with sending emails in Gmail, right through to a complete system hang with an ever-spinning “hourglass” icon.

Microsoft has already responded to the original Reddit poster on Twitter: “It appears that some users are experiencing the same concern as yours.

“We’ll be checking our internal bug report for this. Please let our developer know this as well by posting it on the Feedback Hub. Update us if you needed further assistance. All the best.”

This is one of those times when Google and Microsoft are going to have to actually cooperate. Google will doubtless need to tweak Chrome – that’s going to be a relatively easy patch, we hope – but Microsoft will also need to make sure older versions of Chrome are made to cooperate.

Far be it from us to accuse Microsoft of sticking a spanner in the works for a rival, but the Redmond crew knows that if it does nothing, suspicions will begin to rise.

There’s a link between the borkage and VS Code, specifically when using your Windows 10 machine with a separate or secondary display. It happens randomly, according to readers, with little or no warning.

We’re finding it takes a full reboot, but some have had luck with just unplugging displays and replugging.

There’s also a method including fiddling with the command line, but we’re not going to get into that here, there’s a link to the Reddit thread if you feel like experimenting. We just hope it gets fixed soon. µ

Source : Inquirer

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