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Microsoft’s Windows 10 October update will kill of Disk Cleanup

OBSESSIVE CLEANERS of disk drives, prepare to wipe away a tear as Microsoft is killing-off the Disk Cleanup utility with its October Windows 10 update.

The now rather retro-looking Disk Cleanup app has been a regular fixture for folks who like to scrub temporary and downloaded program files from their hard drives, maybe while whistling a jaunty tune.

But Redmond is now gearing up to consign the utility to the software boneyard, and plonk the Windows Storage Sense tool in its place.

That tool is more intrinsically linked with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service, which comes baked into Windows 10, because bloody everyone likes linking things to the cloud these days.

Windows Storage Sense will earn the latter part of its moniker but automatically removing copies of OneDrive left on a PC’s local storage if they aren’t being used or have been flagged but the users to be left alone. Microsoft calls this process “dehydration”, which is a tad creepy and… where did we put our drink?

The tool will work out when to delete said local filed depending on when they were last accessed. Essentially, it helps automate the disk clean-up process, which might annoy some people who really love digital cleaning.

That being said, Windows Storage Sense will only remove non-temporary files and more important data only when it needs to free up space to function correctly, so it’s not going to be purging willy-nilly.

“It’s important to note that we design Storage Sense to be a silent assistant that works on your behalf without the need to configure it. Sometimes we’ll ask for your permission before we make changes to your storage. We believe in being transparent about how Storage Sense optimizes your storage for you. The content below is intended to serve as a reference,” explained Microsoft, in what could be seen as pre-emptive as covering.

And if you don’t trust it, the folks at Redmond will let you turn it off, so everyone’s a winner….unless you’re on Windows 7. µ

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