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Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ app unites the houses of Windows and Android

MICROSOFT HAS unveiled what is arguably the final piece in its long-standing evil plan to turn Android into its replacement for Windows Mobile.

The scheme that we lovingly refer to as the “chestburster strategy” in honour of John Hurt’s iconic scene in alien has seen the company invest heavily in Android apps over the past few years, with some companies even offering “Microsoft edition” version of their handsets, complete with bloatware.

Now, enter Your Phone, an app that acts a remote gateway between your Android and Windows devices. It’s also going to be available to iOS users, but with far fewer features – because Microsoft.

Imagine something akin to the bespoke syncing suite that came with (mostly earlier) phone models. Now imagine that working more or less properly, and playing nicely with the new Timeline feature in the Windows April Update.

This level of interoperability is the holy grail for some users, and if it’s implemented well, it could prove to be enough of a draw to get them installing Microsoft apps, including its launcher (shudder).

Short of actually putting your phone display picture-in-picture, this is about as good as it gets and will also prove to be an instant and genuine rival to the promised Google Messaging service which will allow you to send SMS from your computer – the same is true with Your Phone.

Select members of the Insider Preview group will get access to Your Phone as soon as this week. The rest of us will probably have to wait for the release of what we’re instinctively calling Redstone 5 – the bi-annual update to Windows due this September.

Meanwhile, the April Update which enables Timeline is starting to roll out to glitch happy punters across the world.

Microsoft’s ActivSync service offered similar functionality to phones powered by Windows in the early noughties but this is a first for Microsoft and Android/iOS – a reflection on their determination to bridge the gulf created by the failure of its own phone platform (until the fabled Surface Phone arrives). µ

Source : Inquirer

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