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Motorola’s next flagship will adopt an iPhone X-style notch

LENOVO-OWNED Motorola’s next flagship could be the first Android smartphone to adopt an iPhone X-esque notch.

That’s if a trio of leaks courtesy of Droid-Life is anything to go by, which claims to reveal Moto’s 2018 smartphone lineup in full.

The first leak details the flagship Moto X5, which will pack a 5.9in FHD+ 18:9 display, complete with a largely “borderless” design. For some godforsaken reason, there also appears to be an iPhone X-like notch at the top of the phone, with status bar icons split on either side of it.

Much like that found on the iPhone X, this ugly notch will house a dual camera setup, although it’s currently unclear whether this will double-up as a face-scanning system similar to Apple’s Face ID.

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Saying that, there doesn’t appear to be a fingerprint sensor on the bottom of the phone, with Motorola instead equipping the device with a new software key that Droid-Life claims will “likely act as a means of navigation  in the way that Motorola’s former front-facing fingerprint reader provided.”

The leaked image (above) also ‘confirms’ that the Moto X5 will sport dual cameras on its backside and Motorola’s own “smart AI”. 

Next on Droid-Life‘s hitlist is the Moto Z3 and Z3 Play, which will feature curved 6in displays, thankfully without a notch at the top. Rather, these two devices will rely on MotoMod support as their main selling point, with Motorola set to offer a 5G mod to deliver super-fast connectivity to the devices.

The Moto Z3 devices also sport Motorola’s new software button, and neither appears to pack a physical fingerprint scanner, adding further weight to the rumours that the firm could be developing a face-scanning system. 

The final leak focuses on Motorola’s popular G line-up, and details the upcoming G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play. These three smartphones will bring 18:9 displays to the affordable lineup, measuring in at 5.7in on the G6 and G6 Play, and 5.93in on the G6 Plus.

Elsewhere, expect the budget mobes to include conventional fingerprint scanners, Snapdragon 450/630 SoCs, dual rear-facing cameras and beefy 3,200mAh/4,000mAh batteries. 

There’s no word yet as to when any of these smartphones will appear, but it’s likely that some will show their face at next month’s MWC. µ

Source : Inquirer

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