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Mozilla declares war on third-party cookies in latest Firefox build

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has taken the covers off the latest version of its Firefox Quantum browser, and it includes some interesting new functionality for those that value their privacy.

Enhanced Tracking Protection is the name of the new feature and its aim is to protect you from those niggling little third-party cookies that monitor your data. It’s not a new idea, but a massive leap forward. 

Cookies themselves aren’t always a bad thing – they’re the things that mean that you can revisit a site without logging in again, or go back to an un-checked-out shopping basket.

However, many are used by advertisers to monitor your behaviour, essentially spy on you, and then serve up adverts that will be more likely to tickle your walletbone.

Getting rid of all cookies can have some undesirable consequences, but removing third-party ones, which ETP will do (it’s hidden in the settings) means that at least you can look at something on a website and avoid having it following you around in the form of adverts, until the end of ruddy time.

There’s also granular control, in case of further borkage, so you can switch back on any site cookies that are breaking the internet, on a page-by-page basis.

For now, the feature is opt-in whilst testing continues, but Mozilla has said that it hopes to be stable enough to make this a default option early next year.

Also new, though limited to the US only for now, there’s the option to search Amazon and Google from the New Tab page and flip between your favourite search engines, mid-search with a click.

For Windows users, the theme of your Firefox browser will now match the light or dark theme of the Windows environment, whilst for Siri users, there’s now the option to open a new tab with your voice. Not much use, but a proof of concept for the future.

The new version of Firefox is available for updating or downloading now. μ

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