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Mozilla tells EU it needs to force Facebook to be more transparent

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has become the latest big hitter to openly criticise black sheep of social networking Facebook.

In a letter to the EU, Denelle Dixon, Mozilla’s COO warned that the company was increasingly unhappy with Facebook’s lack of transparency over its political advertising:

“It has come to our attention that Facebook has prevented third parties from conducting analysis of the ads on their platform,” she said.

“This impacts our ability to deliver transparency to EU citizens ahead of the EU elections. It also prevents any developer, researcher, or organization to develop tools, critical insights, and research designed to educate and empower users to understand and therefore resist targeted disinformation campaigns.”

The EU elections, which, depending on which route we’re taking before we crash into the sun, the UK could still take part in, will take place in May, and with the Meuller report into meddling in the US 2016 election due to drop any day now, nobody wants a repeat performance.

Mozilla has stated its belief that everyone should have access to Facebook’s Ad Archive API, which is currently only available to select partners of the gargantuan social network, emphasising that the company’s decision to block third-party analysis tools makes the issue even more important.

The letter acknowledges that Facebook has already been working to counter ‘fake news’ and propaganda, but has appealed to the European Commission to use its Code of Practice to ensure that EU citizens (whether or not they turn out to include us Brits) get the transparency they deserve during the upcoming election cycle.

The letter comes at the end of yet another bad week for Facebook, which has included revelations that it paid users as young as thirteen to install and use an app that would harvest the data from their phone.

Facebook has now removed the app, but Apple temporarily removed privileged access to some of its internal products as a demonstration of its might in keeping the mercenary company in line. μ

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