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Mozilla uses AI to serve up suggested content in Firefox

INTERNET BROWSER Firefox has added another of its ‘Test Pilot’ beta extensions, as part of an ongoing series to test public reaction to functionality that may end up in the main codebase.

‘Advance’ is a content discovery engine that will find web pages for you based on an AI assessment of your search history (this could be interesting for some of you).

The real-time suggestions are powered by a machine learning startup by the name of Laserlike and are designed to recapture the giddy thrill of the burgeoning internet of the late nineties. Apparently.

The Mozilla Foundation which makes Firefox said in a blog post: “Advance is a Web Extension that works by analyzing content you’re into right now in order to provide recommendations based on what you may want to “Read Next” through a sidebar in the browser.”

Personalised recommendations appear in a “For You” section in the Firefox sidebar.

Mozilla adds: “Recommendations are purely driven by relevance, the primary goal of this experience is to give you the best and most timely recommendations.”

If you end up stuck down a rabbit hole of irrelevant stuff, you have the option to label ‘Not Interesting’ ‘off topic/spam’ ‘block sites’ or give feedback.

Laserlike has to get a copy of your searches in order to serve up data and that’s just how it is, but you can stop it at any time, and request deletion of that information.

Mozilla is keen to emphasise this – after all, this could become a permanent part of the browser – though if it does, we’d expect it’ll be off by default.

Test Pilot extensions have been a huge success for Firefox already with options including ‘Side View’ for side-by-side browsing and Send which allows sharing with an expiry, to ensure the data stays private. μ

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