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Nest is locking customers out of accounts until they fix their security

GOOGLE SMART HOME OFFSHOOT Nest has announced it will actively block users from their accounts if it believes that their passwords have been breached.

Emails were sent last night to all users that may have been affected by recent hacks, with a new password being mandatory, as it tries to avoid the “I’ll do it later” attitude that means that often vulnerable passwords remain in use for months or years.

The decision comes a week after the company sent out a mailer warning users who were using weak passwords, or not using 2FA that they really ought to get their shizzle together.

It follows a number of incidents of hackers getting into Nest systems and causing mischief, something that should be a lot more difficult than it is for a closed system.

This is a particularly significant move because it effectively cripples the Nest app, meaning if something does happen at yo’ crib, you won’t actually know about it, as phone notifications won’t work.

There’s likely to be some pushback to this, as Nest has some of the highest ongoing subscription fees of any infrastructure and it will actively stop those paying users getting what they paid for.

Fees for Nest subscriptions have been cited as one of the biggest downsides to the platform.

If you have been affected, you’ll need to tell Nest to forget your old password and make a new one. Don’t follow the link in the email because although there’s no evidence of this happening, it could be a spoof, so it’s best practice to avoid following links that you weren’t expecting.

If you don’t use 2FA then now is a good time to start using it. And if you don’t already, use a password manager and get that to generate your passwords.

Although this may seem a bit melodramatic, it’s worth remembering that this is a security app, so it needs your security hygiene to be whiter than white to be any use. Especially if Batman breaks in. µ  

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Source : Inquirer

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