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Nest will reportedly soon be swallowed by Google’s hardware division

HOME AUTOMATION FIRM Nest, which was made a Google subsidiary when it was purchased by the tech giant in 2014, might soon be swallowed by Google’s hardware division.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, which cites “people familiar with the talks”, Google wants to absorb Nest due to increased competition from Amazon, which recently announced its own security camera that is integrated into its existing Echo and Fire products.

Nest was one of the first to pioneer internet-connected home devices such as thermostats and home security cameras. However, if this new report is true, Google is looking to fully integrate Nest into its existing products to achieve the same level of integration and gain a competitive edge, meaning that instead of seeing Nest products on the market, we might just see its technologies in future Google devices.

Nest cameras are already capable of connecting to Google Assistant, which can, in turn, control Nest thermostats via user voice commands.

Perhaps more interestingly, the WSJ report includes quotes from former Nest staff, who appear more surprised that the two firms were separated in 2015 Alphabet split up some of its units as individual brands.

A former Nest manager said: “The only surprising thing to me is that it’s taken this long. If you think about it from a sales and marketing perspective, we are calling the same retailers.”

The WSJ report also claims that the supply chain for both Nest and Google were combined last year, which resulted in the moving of 100 Nest employees to Google. At the moment, however, Nest keeps some things seperate, such as its own legal, marketing, and public relations teams, for example. µ

Source : Inquirer

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