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No, Windows 10 hasn’t overtaken Windows 7

Windows 10. Still the bridesmaid

SINCE WE started crunching numbers from Netmarketshare‘s revamped site, we’ve had a lot more interesting data to play with. And whilst we are continuing to give you the core desktop operating system figures just as we did before, it’s good to take a diversion into the wider world of stats.

For example, while we were compiling this months figures, we noticed a startling example of the fragmentation problem in mobile that continues.

Last month, iOS 11.1, the latest official version of iOS, was the fifth most used operating system in the world at 6.26 per cent. Ahead of it by some margin were Android 6 & 7 – with 20.97. Android 8.0 Oreo doesn’t even get a look in.

Roll on a month, and iOS 11.2 is now stable. Immediately, it has 10.43 per cent of the market. And iOS 11.1 has slumped down to thirteenth place. 1.80 per cent. Just like that.

Meanwhile, Android 8.0 is still down in 19th with just 0.71 of the pie.

It’s a contrast that Microsoft is already used to being flummoxed by. We’re coming up on two years since the release of Windows 10. Yet our desktop figures still show people are, for the most part, sticking to Windows 7. This month it has a 42.39 (-0.69) per cent market share.

Compare that with Windows 10  it’s up slightly as 34.29 (+1.36) and it’s way ahead of Windows 8.x at 6.43 (-0.47) but there’s still no evidence of anything being set to change significantly. If Microsoft wants to ‘fix it’ they’re going to have to try and keep up the subtle efforts to ‘break it’.

Windows XP continues its race to the bottom standing at 4.04 (-1.13).

Meanwhile, for Mac OS, there’s an unusual fragmentation going on. Mac OS 10.13 has 4.46 (+1.81), Mac OS 10.12 has 2.65 (-0.88) and Mac OS 10.11 has 1.47 (+0.03).

We’d probably have expected those figures to have settled a bit more by now, so we’ll be watching closely to see what next month brings.

Linux continues to hold steady with a slight drop to 1.31 (-0.13).

So that’s the desktop figures. But what if we add in all the other form factors too?

Well, TL;DR is that it’s all very similar to last month, save for the new version of iOS. Windows 7 is at 18.95 (-0.27) Windows 10 is at 15.33 (+0.64), Android 7.0 stands at 12.14 (+0.79), Android 6.0 is down slightly at 9.35 (-0.27) and then, as discussed, the latest iOS11.2 leaps in at 10.43.

You may be reading all this and thinking, “I’m sure I read something about Windows 10 overtaking Windows 7?”. Well, yes, according to Statcounter, it has. Statcounter uses different methodology, and so is showing wildly different results.

We’ve stuck by Netmarketshare for consistency and it seems that as far as they are concerned, these a long way to go. µ

Source : Inquirer

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