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Now you can say you have Windows 95 as an app. Good luck explaining what for

AH, 1995. It’s one of the longest summers in history. Tony Blair is entertaining rock stars, back when we liked him. Piers Brosnan stars in that Bond film with the game everyone loved. And a dorky man pays lots of money to some wrinkly old men to use their music to advertise his new operating system.

That song was “Start Me Up”. The dork was Bill Gates. The operating system was Windows 95, the Genesis of Windows as we know it today (only with fewer privacy concerns and demands for more money for things that used to be free).

Now you can relive those crazy times, thanks to Slack coder Felix Rieseberg. He explains:

And he’s right. It’s a terrible idea. It serves no purpose. If it had been Windows XP there might be justification for it. But this? This is an emulator for a 23-year-old operating system. What possessed him to…

Needless to say, we love it. Sometimes things don’t have to have a point, and when you realise just how utterly well the finished product looks and feels, then it ceases to be a question of if there’s anything useful you can actually do with it, save for basking in the 200MB goodness.

Better still, the whole thing is up on Github for your tweaking pleasure or just downloading and using for…uh… something. It’s available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

OK, so the internet doesn’t work, but given that its Internet Explorer, then that just adds to the authenticity.

All you really need is some way of triggering a BSOD for when you demo it to people. Or as we call it, the “full Gates”. μ 

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